Episode 032 – Shooting At X-Wings Coming Down the Trench

It’s The Lighting Nerds, episode 032. That’s an exponent of 8, which makes this episode extra-special. We also have Jose, my old L2 from Halsey, filling in for Alex, who’s off making money for this ep. In this ep:


  • Industry news and fixture talk
    • The Martin MAC Allure
      • It’s cool, I want to see a rig of many
    • The Elation Artiste Monet
      • Jose likes it!
    • The ETC Releve
      • Much better than that other ETC moving light.
    • The Elation┬áRAYZOR 760
      • It’s S P A R K L Y
  • Tea Time
    • An interview with Mike Wood, who tells us about strange French words and their effects on lights
    • No seriously, it’s about etendue, which you need to know about so LISTEN UP KIDS.
    • Mike’s papers about this concept, so you can follow along
  • Lighting Quiz
  • Lighting Term of the Day
    • Snoot / top hat

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