Episode 031 – I’m Really Doing Host Effacing Right Now

It’s Episode 031! Craig and Alex are back, Craig had a baby. Well, his partner did anyway. It’s the episode with the title card you’ll have to listen to the whole thing to get. In this episode:


  • Industry news
    • We do not talk about the new Clay-Paky light, because I have conflicting information about it. Does it use a phosphor? Are there lasers? CP won’t say.
    • High End Systems Turbo Ray
    • Vari-Lite 6500 Wash
      • Bet VL didn’t see the Turbo Ray coming!
    • Fred Foster passed away in February
  • Notable Tours
    • The 1975 ABIIOR tour
      • Is it called that? I keep seeing two different names for the thing.
    • Tobias, are you listening? We like you <3
  • More news
  • Tea Time
    • Staying healthy on the road, a discussion
    • Send us your tips for staying healthy!
  • Lighting trivia
  • Lighting Term of the Day
    • Source 4

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