Episode 027 – It’s All Good For You, Timecode Boy


We’re still not dead yet!

Craig’s back from Halsey, and Alex is done with his move. We’re here to chew gum and make podcasts, and we’re stock full of Juicy Fruit. Er, or something like that?

Since I know you’re listening, hi, Drew!

Anyway, in this “ep”:

  • Industry news
    • I lost the audio of our last show, which is why this has taken so long. Sorry.
    • Ayrton is making eyes at doing “standard” moving lights. That’s kind of interesting.
    • grandMA 3. Yeah, of course we’re gonna talk about it.
    • City Theatrical makes top hats for the X4.
    • The WholeHog 4 hardware refresh. Craig has some feelings about the WholeHog.
  • Tea Time
    • The cost of being a lighting designer in 2018
  • Lighting Trivia
    • What does “DIP”, as in “DIP switch” stand for?
  • Lighting Term of the Day
    • Punter

One Response to “Episode 027 – It’s All Good For You, Timecode Boy

  • Patrick Chilvers
    2 years ago

    I have no idea if I’m even writing anything here because I cannot see any text. But anyways:
    Dear Craig,
    I understand your frustration about the MA2 and 3 keayboard. However , thisd isn’t entirely MA’s fault. That stupid half-width shift key with the tilde next to it is the standard German layout, so it’sd more of an oversight ion MA’s part than a concious choice.,,Howe er, what is absolutely inexcuseable is the lack of bumps on the F and J keys! I hope they fixewd this on the MA3 because I always ghot far more annoyed than I should have at not being able to blindly find the home row.

    I hope there aren’t too many typos in here, like I said, flying blind.

    Love your show,


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