Episode 024 – Sweet, Sweet Corporate Hack Dollars


It’s the one with Brad Schiller!

Fresh off the newly-reinstalled Silver Mac Tower of Audio is Episode 024 of The Lighting Nerds. In this “ep”:


  • News Items
    • A new touring roadshow, from ENTECH. http://www.avnetwork.com/article.aspx?articleid=128052
    • GrandMA 3 orders exceeding expectations, delays of up to eighteen months expected.
    • Portman releases the Pix31. The Lighting Nerds question its utility.
    • Martin introduces the RUSH MH11 Beam.
  • Interview
    • It’s the one with Brad Schiller, legendary lighting designer, programmer, Renaissance Man, culinary master and inventor of the “Schiller Technique” for cooking pineapple, and all around Friend of the Podcast. Recorded 2017, sat on a hard drive in New Hampshire until now.
  • Tea Time
    • We discuss doing ALL the visuals for productions as one person.
  • Lighting Trivia
    • Craig gets it right, for a change
  • Lighting Term of the Day
    • Lamp / globe / bulb


2 Responses to “Episode 024 – Sweet, Sweet Corporate Hack Dollars

  • Marc Paolella
    4 years ago

    Hi Craig,

    This was an excellent podcast! You hit a lot of checkboxes. Gear, economics of lower end fixtures, humor, an excellent interview with Brad Schiller, trade shows, and visuals. I think this was the best one ever. I once yelled at you guys for not keeping the podcasts regularly occurring, but having touring musicians in my family, I understand the crazy life of a touring LD. Or a touring anyone for that matter. Anyway, I enjoyed this one a lot and look forward to the next one. By the way, one issue with the site. Your text color for comments is set to white! What that means is when you attempt to comment, you type letters but see nothing. I tried this on Chrome and IE and it was the same problem. So I typed this on Notepad and cut and pasted it into your website comment area. Set it to black when you get a chance. In any case, you mentioned pricing for lighting directors and mentioned you might do a podcast on that. Please do! I would be curious how to come up with a price for lighting services. You guys are creators and operators, so a curiously wide mix of talents to be good at it. I’d love to know what you guys think about when coming up with a price.


    • Oof, so it is! Sorry about that. And sorry that it took me six months to see this comment! I stuck.

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