Episode 023 – Frightening for Something You Put in Your Mouth


We’ve fixed our audio! Thanks to everyone who sent me pineapples, I really appreciate it.

Our title this time references electric toothbrushes, people…obviously…

In this episode:

  • News
    • grandMA3! It’s new! It’s big! It has little letterbox screens that are just *begging* for a cool timecode view.
    • GLP Force 120
      • It’s a big ass fan. Not to be confused with Big Ass Fans.
    • SGM G-Spot Turbo
      • No green emitter! Fascinating.
    • Katy Perry’s “Witness” tour is using PSN for positional data. Had you heard about PSN? Me neither.
  • Tea Time
    • Piracy, specifically console piracy. Don’t do it, kids. Inspired by reddit.
  • Lighting Trivia!
    • Craig loses.
  • Lighting Term of the Day
    • Ballast. Also describes some industry people I know.

Happy new year, everyone! Here’s to the continuation of the show.


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