Episode 015 – A Little Bit Helmholtz, A Little Bit Kohlrausch

Hey gang! We make a mistake in this episode, incorrectly reporting that RDM travels over pins 4 and 5. This is wrong, wrong wrong! It’s pins 2 and 3. Sorry!

Thanks to the restorative powers of angry e-mails, we’re back after a month hiatus! Whew! Let’s get this show on the road!

  • Guest star: Rowboat, the man with the Golden Voice
  • Gavin and Craig have jobs, let us tell you about them
  • Live Design Product of the Year Awards
    • The GLP X4 Bar
    • SGM G-1 Beam
    • Ayrton Magic Dot R
    • PRG Ground Control followspot
  • Live Design awards. Spoiler: LeRoy Bennett wins a thing <3
    • We discuss the Beyonce video monolith design by Es Devlin
  • Craig tells you about the Helmholtz-Kohlraush effect, feel smart. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Helmholtz%E2%80%93Kohlrausch_effect
    • Everyone says it’s a entoptic effect, but Craig disagrees.
  • GrandMA software release
  • Lighting term of the day: Fleenor, with an extended discussion of opto-splitters
  • Lighting quiz: Craig gets it wrong, wrong, wrong


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