Episode 010 – We Get E-Mails



Geeze, enough with the late episodes, Craig! I was prepping a new rig and programming video and lighting alike and had two shows this weekend. Audio quality and editing skill in this episode: 6/10. Sorry. I’m on the road.

Anyway, Episode 010 is hot off the proverbial presses and it’s low-key but high in content. And fiber.

  • Chauvet teases us with the new Maverick Series
  • Martin teases us with the MAC Axiom Hybrid. What does it do? We can’t tell you, but it will be awesome.
  • Things we carry in our gig back, and we mention a new tool: The KRE Can Wrench: http://kreelectric.com/cam-wrench/
  • Emails! So many e-mails
  • Lighting Term of the Day: ACLs
    • The Lighting Quiz: what year were Vari-Lites introduced?


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