Episode 009 – Colors, colors everywhere



We’re back, 24 hours late this time because one of us – not saying who but his name rhymes with KAVIN – is cavorting about Europe, surrounded by history and country music fans.

In this episode:

  • Gavin is in Europe, and he caught a cold.
    • Advance your show, especially in Europe.
  • The Robe BFML
  • A tragic and preventable accident in an Italian theatre
  • Lighting Design, Console, and Programming Theory: color!
  • Controlling via MIDI and other goodies. A link to a guy who built a console thing! http://consoletraining.com/attacking-ma2-analog-remotes/
  • Term of the day: fly rail


2 Responses to “Episode 009 – Colors, colors everywhere

  • Hey guys,

    Love the podcast and thanks for featuring our work on analogue inputs and our website. Another solution would be BOMAC that does MIDI to artnet for a bit more control and options as this will take any midi source and convert it to an artnet channel with full (or rather half) velocity control.
    Hope it helps!
    Consoletraining.com Team
    Alex, Alex and Rowan

    • Hello team, you certainly found a place where I’d never look for a comment. 😛 Thanks for the tips, we’ll mention it on an upcoming episode. Shoot us an e-mail and we’ll talk about nerdy lighting things!

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