Episode 007 – On Her Majesty’s Color Quality Scale



Hi guys! I’m trying some new things with the audio levels, trying to keep stuff around where most other podcasts are. So maybe you’ll notice some changes from previous episodes in terms of audio levels. Shouldn’t be too big an inconvenience. I hope.

In this episode!

  • We talk about Drafty, a new CAD tool for the entertainment industry
  • The Chauvet S-Par 1, which uses a micro-Fresnel array. Oooh, shiny.
  • A long-winded talk about the Color Quality Scale, spiritual successor to CRI. Here’s a link to Davis and Ohno’s paper, “Development of Color Quality Scale“.
  • New recurring segment! Lighting Design, Console, and Programming theory: groups and cuelists
  • We review the 2015 Mega Super Bowl design just in time to review the next one!
  • Term of the day: fire curtain, and why water-based ones are a bad idea if you’re doing a concert.


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