Episode 004 – A positive upward spiral of creativity!


It’s the holiday season! In this episode of Lighting Nerds:


Happy birthday Columbus McKinnon, visit their blog at:



Incandescent is dyyyyyying. Yes, it’s true, thank science, and you can watch its death throes in art form:


And then we talk about it. E-mail us your thoughts!


We discuss visualizers. Here are some that we mention:

Capture Argo




ESP Vision




Renders from Capture Argo, created by Craig, here.


An interview with John Featherstone.


Lighting term of the week: ghost lights. Woooo!


And finally…

Merry Christmas
Happy Hanukkah
Joyous Kwanzaa
Rockin’ Ramadan

And a very special tip of the hat to those who believe in nothing but still want holiday pay.

May one day people all over the world not just tolerate but celebrate different faiths and cultures, and have their greetings accepted in the spirit they were given, without fear of being mocked and laughed at by those who lack understanding.



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