Episode 003 – You’re (not) a rigger, Harry


In this episode:


History and terminology: Fresnel lenses

Here’s a diagram for your enjoyment: http://www.uq.edu.au/_School_Science_Lessons/


Industry news:

The New York Times re-instates designer credits


Tech talk: plots


1 Decent

2 Pretty close

3 Pretty good

4 Not the worst

5 Boring day


120k example


Note: you will notice that my voice changes dramatically about halfway throughout the episode. This is due to my recording most of this show on location at a gig. -Craig

One Response to “Episode 003 – You’re (not) a rigger, Harry

  • I’ve just discovered this site and it’s amazing! Lighting is not my forte, but listeninig to your webcasts allows me to hear the terminology and become accustomed to hearing it.

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